16 Miler…..

Kim Morning Pic
Rise and Shine. It’s time for your 16 miler.  Woot, woot!! Get it girl!

YESTERDAY, I ran 16 miles and it is the longest distance that I have ran to date.  I am officially training for my very first Marathon!!

Let me first off tell you that I was NOT feeling like running this morning when I woke up to a text message from my bestie Kim.  Although that did put a big smile on my face first thing in the morning.  :0)  I was very surprised to see that Kim was up and ready to go so early!!  If anyone knows Kim, she is not a morning person but she was up and ready to go at 730am!  She was so excited that her hubby and bestie were running there first 16 miler today.

Kim wasn’t running the full 16 miles with me today but I was hoping to meet her and Crystal, another great running buddy, so that I could start out the first 3 miles with them.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because I didn’t manage to get up out of bed until 8am.  Once I got up, I made my coffee and started to get my gear on for running the 16 miles.  I haven’t ran outside in so long that I knew I was going to forget something!  I was up and ready to go by 10am.

I get to the drill hall (where we start) and I get a text from Kim asking if I started running yet.  I didn’t think anything of it and told her not yet.  I just got here and I am getting my gear on and I am about to begin.  Steve (Kim’s husband) is also training for the full marathon and was already running the same course.  She told me he was around mile 8 and I might be able to catch him and run the first 3 miles with him.  I was then contemplating on which way to go.  There is the 10 mile loop around base that we usually run so I figured I would start there and figure out how I was going to get the other 6 miles later.  Off I went!  I got about .15 miles in to the run and I round the corner to hit the main road and I see someone off in the distance with a big neon sign jumping up and down!  It was Kimbo!!!  LOL  She is a nut.  She was waiting there the whole time for me to run by with a sign that said GO!! 16!!  She is AWESOME!  Love her.  .

I felt pretty good at the beginning of my run.  I was trying to stay around a 10:30 min/pace the entire time.   Around mile 1.5 I come across this lady parked in the middle of the road with her hazard lights on.  At first, I was thinking it was Crystal standing there cheering me on but when I looked closer it was a random lady directing another runner (maybe her husband) to cross on the other side of the street to run?  So strange

Around Mile 3.5 I saw Stevie B. in the distance!!  I was feeling great so I yelled “GO STEVIE B!!”  I think he was either ignoring me or was at the point in the run where the pain was kicking in and he didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I took my earbuds out as I was passing him and the words of wisdom that he gave me were “This sucks Sam!  This absolutely Sucks!”  He was almost to mile 13.  He ran his first 16 miler today and crushed it.  Good job Stevie B!  16 miles in 10:19 min/mile.  Woot, woot!

Mile 4 through 8 were pretty uneventful for me.  I remember hitting the wind right around mile 6 and it didn’t really let up but I was hoping that it would be on my back when I turned around.  No such luck.  I don’t know what it is about this location when we run but no matter which way you are running it is always into the wind!  Sigh.

Mile 8 – I walked for .25 miles for the first time on this run.  I was running out of water at this point.  I knew I would have to make a pit stop to replenish my fluids.  (I really need to think about getting one of the backpacks with water.) I remembered when me and Kim ran this same route on Mother’s day in the blistering HOT head and there was a spicket that we got water from that was about a mile ahead.  I ran down the hill and of course the spicket wasn’t working.  Sigh.  Ok, my next plan was to stop at the restroom that was around mile 5  so that means it would be around mile 11 going back.  At mile 11 I was all out of water and it was warming up pretty quickly outside.  I didn’t see the restroom ANYWHERE and I was getting pretty fatigued at this point.

Mile 12 – Hallelujah, I see the restrooms!!  That mile felt like FOREVER!!  I run down to the restroom fill both of my water bottles up and I am back on the road to finish my last 4 miles.

Mile 13 thru 16 – These were the toughest miles by far that I have had on any training run.  I was tired, my back was aching, my hips were aching, I was starting to feel a blister forming on my right foot.  The entire 3 miles I was thinking back to when I saw Stevie B. and his words of wisdom!!  I knew exactly what he meant!!  It was pretty uneventful the last 3 miles except for the pure exhaustion and pain setting in and my thoughts of having to run 10 more miles after this to get to a full marathon.  What am I thinking??

As soon as I finished I was elated that I had actually ran 16 miles and at a 10:40 min/pace. Here are my splits:

Mile 1 – 10:08

Mile 2 – 10:18

Mile 3 – 10:16

Mile 4 – 10:11

Mile 5 – 10:25

Mile 6 – 10:23

Mile 7 – 10:25

Mile 8 – 10:31

Mile 9 – 12:07 (.25 walk)

Mile 10 – 10:23

Mile 11 – 10:33

Mile 12 – 10:18

Mile 13 – 10:27

Mile 14 – 12:15 (.25 walk)

Mile 15 – 10:26

Mile 16 – 11:48 (.20 walk)

Anyone that has attempted to run a full marathon is absolutely crazy!!  I have set a goal and I am going to give it everything I got to reach it.  It won’t be easy, it will be hard, exhausting, time consuming but I hear that it will be very rewarding!!  I am officially excited and can’t wait for March 20, 2016 of this year where I will be running my first full marathon at the Shamrock Virginia Beach Race!!  Let’s do this!!


2 thoughts on “16 Miler…..

  1. Yay!! I was so excited to read this and am even more excited for your marathon now 🙂 I wish I would have had more time to make you guys a better sign, but it was a last minute thought on my way out the door. You are awesome and you are going to crush this marathon!


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